Using futures thinking to navigate food, water and energy challenges of the 21st century

Posted on 31st January 2013

A report from Oxford University’s Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment explores the complexities of the interrelated challenges of food, water and energy, aiming to deepen the leadership debate on resource security in the 21st century

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Effects of drought in the Amazon persist years later

Posted on 28th January 2013

An area of the Amazon rainforest three times the size of the United kingdom was strongly affected by a drought that began in 2005, says a NASA-led team that includes researchers from Oxford.

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Water supply one of World Economic Forum’s top global risks

Posted on 23rd January 2013

Experts rate water supply crisis as one of the world’s greatest risks according to the World Economic Forum Global Risks 2013, an annual report that identifies and quantifies risks to global security.

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Leading by example – Oxford University curbs its water consumption

Posted on 22nd January 2013

Oxford University’s Annual Review 2011/12 reveals that total University mains water consumption fell 8.2% during the year, saving the equivalent of nearly 29 million litres.

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