China in the Mekong: building dams for whose benefit?

Posted on 18th December 2013

A new policy brief from the Oxford University Global Economic Governance Programme discusses the controversies of Chinese investment in hydropower in the Mekong. It calls for action by governments and Chinese hydropower companies to ensure responsible water governance and safeguard livelihoods and biodiversity in the basin.

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Lake Turkana under threat from hydropower dam and irrigation development

Posted on 10th December 2013

Lake Turkana in the Kenyan Rift valley is the world’s largest desert lake but could dramatically reduce in size due to a hydropower dam being built upstream and plans for large-scale irrigation. This could be another Aral Sea disaster, says a new Oxford University study.

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Scientists find vast new freshwater sources under the sea

Posted on 6th December 2013

Untapped reserves of fresh groundwater – up to 0.5 million km3 – are buried beneath continental shelves around the world, according to new findings published in the international scientific journal Nature and co-authored by Oxford’s Mike Edmunds.

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