Is engineering a way out of the flooding?

Posted on 26th February 2014

Houses should be redesigned, roads raised and tidal lagoons built that generate energy to reduce the impact of flooding in the UK, according to a panel of senior engineers and academics, reported in the Guardian.

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Answer to flooding lies in the soil

Posted on 21st February 2014

Professor John Boardman writes a letter to the Guardian highlighting the unjoined up thinking in the regulation around soil runoff and erosion for farmers.

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Water shortages could disrupt Britain’s electricity supply

Posted on 17th February 2014

The Guardian reports on a team of academics from Oxford and Newcastle who say nuclear and gas-fired power stations could be forced to shut down during future droughts.

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Action needed to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the Thames

Posted on 6th February 2014

In a podcast on the NERC Planet Earth website, Paul Whitehead from Oxford University and Mark Barnett from the Environment Agency comment on the pollution challenge of the river Thames. They explain why the river will fail to meet European Union standards unless action is taken by farmers to reduce fertiliser use and water companies cut the amount of phosphorus being discharged by sewage works.

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