Ancient waters expand search for ‘deep life’

Posted on 22nd December 2014

The proportion of the Earth’s crust that may be capable of supporting life could be much greater than previously thought, according to new research published in the journal Nature. Researchers from the University of Toronto, Oxford University and Princeton have mapped the ancient hydrogen-rich waters trapped in rock fractures kilometres below the Earth’s surface.

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Learning to live with floods and droughts

Posted on 18th December 2014

A panel discussion on ‘Living with Floods and Droughts: Adapting to Hydro-Climatic Extremes’ was held at the School of Geography and the Environment on 1 December 2014, and brought together a number of water and climate experts in the field.

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Research Assistant in the Water Programme

Posted on 16th December 2014

The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is seeking a Research Assistant to work in the Water Programme across a portfolio of projects globally. The Research Assistant will be an early career researcher with applied field experience in developing countries, leadership in achieving results, and a strong academic background.

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Stopping floods on the cheap: A success story from Yorkshire

Posted on 9th December 2014

A team of researchers led by Professor Sarah Whatmore at the School of Geography and the Environment ran a pilot project in Pickering, North Yorkshire to study the effectiveness of a new methodology for flood management decision-making.

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