Governing water and knowledge in Turkana, Kenya

Posted on 27th October 2017

Dr Sophie Haines, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS), reports on research undertaken by the REACH programme, exploring mismatches between information and decision-making in Lodwar’s water sector.

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News from a scientific frontier: the complexity of field-to-river connectivity in the Rother catchment

Posted on 24th October 2017

Researchers from the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute explore the dynamics of soil erosion and river sedimentation in a catchment in South East England.

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Water wars could engulf the poorest

Posted on 23rd October 2017

Conflict and political confrontation threaten to drown the call for co-operation in managing the world’s limited water supplies. Oxford University’s Professor David Grey talks to the Racounteur about the challenge.

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Using satellite data to respond to environmental disasters

Posted on 19th October 2017

The challenge of providing a rapid response to environmental disasters as varied as flooding, drought, illegal logging and oil spills is the focus of two new projects in which the University of Oxford is a key partner. Dr Steven Reece, data processing and machine learning lead at Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science explains how the project will work in action and the role that machine learning technology will play in it.

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