Water is a transdisciplinary, cross-cutting issue at the heart of everything from urban planning to nature-based solutions to climate change. Each year shocks such as floods and droughts have devastating impacts on people and economies worldwide. Ensuring access to an acceptable quantity and quality of water and protection from water-related shocks is a defining challenge for society in the 21st century.

Oxford Water Network

The Oxford Water Network (OWN) is uniquely placed to foster and advance world class research to address these challenges and devise solutions. It also supports an MSc programme training the next generation of leaders.

The Oxford Water Network is a multi-disciplinary research community, harnessing the University of Oxford’s diverse research to address the challenge of managing water (both salt and freshwater) in a complex and uncertain world. Oxford researchers work to address key challenges of water security, use knowledge to inform policy and planning, and develop instruments to improve practice in partnerships with government, research and business communities.

The Oxford Water Network advances cutting-edge interdisciplinary research which yields practical and policy-relevant solutions for managing the risks of water quality and quantity regarding the environment, agriculture, energy and much more! Managing and adapting to those risks is what water security is all about and that takes transdisciplinary work with a diverse range of stakeholders. OWN drives innovation and generates new knowledge to transform current thinking about how we can all understand and respond to water-related risks.

Connecting people across disciplines

Addressing the complex challenges of water security requires bringing together insights and expertise from across the natural, social and engineering sciences. The University of Oxford has a diverse portfolio of outstanding water research spanning 31 different departments, institutes, centres, and interdisciplinary schools.

Forging partnerships and collaboration

Oxford University invests in strategic partnerships across science, policy and enterprise communities to advance a common agenda for tackling global water risks. These partnerships involve everything from sharing expert advice to funding multi-year research and everything in between.

Oxford Networks for the Environment

The Oxford Water Network forms part of the Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE) which include networks on the converging challenges of climatefoodenergy and biodiversity. ONE showcases the University’s capacity to deliver world-leading, diverse and innovative environmental research and education.

Oxford Water Network Leadership: Dr Katrina Charles and Saskia Nowicki

Katrina and Saskia are the Co-chairs of the Oxford Water Network. They head the Leadership Team, which provides strategic insights for the network.

Oxford Water Network Coordinator: Pan Ei Ei Phyoe

Pan Ei coordinates the network’s research and administrative activities, which includes internal and external communications, events organisation, supporting research proposals, and engagement with partner organisations. Contact her at owncoordinator@water.ox.ac.uk.

Oxford Water Network Leadership Team:



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