On the knife’s edge of tragedy and hope: Markets and the commons in a divided world

Wednesday 4 March 2020, 18:00.
The dawn of the 2020s brings pessimism about the future for the commons. Supercharged wildfires, water shortages and biodiversity loss portend a dystopian future for an increasingly divided world, a symptom of free markets run amok.

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Globalisation and the grabbed commons: new insights on the Water Wars myth

Thursday 6 February 2020, 18:00.
Scholars have argued against the thesis that water will lead to war, instead demonstrating that peace will prevail in the future. However, theories have largely neglected the high social and environmental costs that will come with water peace.

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Shaping narratives around climate change and development| A photo-conversation

The photography exhibition highlighting REACH work in the Awash Basin, Ethiopia (previously exhibited in Fusion Arts Oxford through an ESRC grant) has now moved to Common Ground, on Little Clarendon. It will be up until 22 February, and on 22 January (19:00-20:00) REACH are launching the exhibition with a talk on REACH’s work in the […]

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