Drought Risk and Decision Making

MaRIUS symposium 2015 t

Droughts threaten societies, economies and ecosystems worldwide. Yet our ability to characterise and predict the occurrence, duration and intensity of droughts, as well as minimise their impacts, is often inadequate.

This symposium brings together global experts and will showcase multidisciplinary research being undertaken on droughts from across the world.

Confirmed speakers

  • Christopher Duffy, Penn State University, US
  • Stuart Barr, Exeter University, UK
  • Kevin Collins, Open University, UK
  • Christina Cook, Oxford University, UK
  • Greg Garfin, University of Arizona, US
  • Lee Godden, Melbourne University, Australia
  • Benoit Guillod, Oxford University, UK
  • Catharina Landstrom, Oxford University, UK
  • Dolores Rey, Cranfield University, UK
  • Rebecca Pearce, Exeter University, UK
  • Eric Sarmiento, Oxford University, UK
  • Len Shaffrey, University of Reading, UK
  • Peter Wallbrink, CSIRO, Australia
  • Paul Whitehead, Oxford University, UK
  • Emma Weitkamp, UWE, UK

Three themes

UK drought science and policy

  • Improving predictions of drought
  • UK Drought governance arrangements
  • Generating synthetic drought events for risk-based impact studies
  • The resilience of irrigated agricultural sector

Understanding the social dimensions of drought

  • Interweaving science and narrative in decision making
  • Designing social learning systems for drought monitoring and warning
  • Constructing social timelines of droughts
  • Seeing scales in drought and water scarcity management

Drought science and policy from around the world

  • On the concentration-discharge signature of drought in rivers
  • Coping with drought in the American Southwest
  • Drought in South Asia
  • Drought and water scarcity issues in Australia


Submissions for posters are invited. There are limited spaces however, so we may not be able to take all poster requests. Posters can be seen during refreshments breaks, and during the dedicated poster session at the end of the conference. You can indicate your interest in submitting a poster when booking and more information will be sent to you.


Cost: £55 with lunch and drinks reception; £65 with conference dinner
Booking: http://tinyurl.com/OxfordDroughtBooking
More info: http://www.mariusdroughtproject.org/news/
Contact: helen.gavin@ouce.ox.ac.uk
See the symposium flyer