ECI Honorary Research Associate publishes trade book on water science

The book is the personal journey of Edoardo Borgomeo, a young hydrologist, to discover the future of the world’s water. It braids science and history with interviews of people from different places around the world to show the surprising influence of water on our lives. From an urban farmer in Mexico City to an activist in Karachi, the book brings to life the quest to better manage our world’s water resources through the lives and histories of real people. The book takes a humane perspective to water science and invites us to rediscover our hydrophilia, our love for water, in times of climate change. The book was published this March in Italian by Laterza, one of Italy’s oldest publishers.

About the author

Edoardo Borgomeo is a honorary research associate at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford where he researches how we can better plan and manage water resources in times of climate change. He also works as a consultant for international financial institutions and UN agencies. He is from Rome and is a graduate of Imperial College and the University of Oxford.

Edoardo is currently searching for English-language book publishers and welcomes ideas and contacts. Please get in touch at:

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