“What makes an effective leader in the development sector?”

A talk by the CEO of the Global Water Partnership

7 May 17:30-18:30

Herbertson Room, School of Geography and the Environment

Dr Monika Webr-Fahr will speak about her experiences in leadership in the development sector. In 25 years of working as a development practitioner, Monika has built, supported, and engaged with multi-stakeholder partnerships in multiple contexts, including partnerships between research institutes, learning organizations, private sector, and has focused on sustainability in energy and water. She will share personal stories from her experiences tackling complex development challenges in organizations such as the World Bank, IFC, and now the Global Water Partnership.

About the Speaker

Dr Monika Webr-Fahr is currently the CEO of the Global Water Partnership (GWP), a multi-stakeholder action network established to support countries in their efforts to implement sustainable management of water resources. The network spans 13 regions with more than 65 country water partnerships and 3000+ institutional partners in 180+ countries. Leading the Global Water Partnership as the Network’s Executive Secretary and CEO, she is looking to understand and learn from experience and insight across Oxford as to where GWP can make the biggest difference going forward in helping others address local and regional water crises and challenges. An economist by background, Monika is specifically interested in micro-economic views on water governance and policy and, related, in the political economy of multi-stakeholder dialogues specifically in regards to water management decisions (including the dynamics of mobilizing various groups for taking decisions and participating in action related to integrated water resources management at the farm, basin, firm, city, and national-scales).