EGU Preview

By Marcus Buechel

EGU has such a varied and interesting array of topics that is impossible to keep up with it all; especially when you normally have to run from venue to venue! This year it has gone online and I’ve tried to select a collection of the hydrologically-related topics that you can peruse at your desk. There are many more exciting things to explore so don’t just limit yourself to this list, have a look at: You might even learn how to communicate your science through poetry!

Dates: 4th – 8th May (this week!)
Registration: Not required

(All times stated are Central European Summer Time)

Sessions run by current OHG members:

Session: HS6.3

Session: HS2.4.1

Interesting Sessions

Monday 4th

Session: HS1.1.3

Session: HS2.2.1

Session: NH1.6/AS1.5/HS13.10

Session: HS2.1.5

Session: HS6.2/AS2.5

Session: EOS7.10/HS1.2.8

Session: GM5.1

Tuesday 5th

Session: HS2.1.2/CR3.6

Session: HS6.7

Session: HS2.2.2/AS2.15/BG2.27/NH1.15/NP5.9/OS4.33

Session: CL4.21/AS2.7/HS13.9

Session: HS7.10/NH1.12

Wednesday 6th

Session: HS6.3

Session: HS1.2.3/EOS4.11

Session: HS3.6

Session: HS1.2.6/NP1.6

Session: GM3.6/HS13.34/SSP3.11

Session: HS7.4

Thursday 7th

Session: ITS4.1/NP4.2/AS5.19/CL5.15/ESSI2.5/G6.6/GD10.10/HS3.8/SM1.7

Session: HS2.4.1

Session: HS6.4/BG2.16

Session: US2

Session: HS4.6/CL4.39

Session: HS2.4.2

Session: HS2.5.1

Session: HS10.6/BG3.51

Session: NH3.4/HS13.39

Friday 8th

Session: HS2.4.7

Session: HS2.5.2

Session: US4

Session: HS2.4.3

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