Head of UKRI and industry leaders praise the MaRIUS project

The UK’s £12m Drought & Water Scarcity research programme, called “About Drought” has been praised as ‘an exemplar’ of interdisciplinary research by the head of UK Research & Innovation and ‘revolutionary in the way it has been delivered’ by a key stakeholder.  Sir Mark Walport, Chief Executive of UKRI, particularly highlighted the stakeholder and public engagement of the programme’s projects, including the MaRIUS project. He said, “This is what a UKRI programme should be like: it’s an exemplar, a response to our changing world, absolutely interdisciplinary and providing a holistic view. The outcomes are good research that has influenced policy-making, for example the Environment Agency and water companies.”

Lead by the University of Oxford, the MaRIUS project covered physical and social science topics from drought governance, climate futures to water resource modelling.  The researchers worked with many stakeholders to ensure useful outputs: in particular and our water resource research and outputs are strongly influencing water management and planning in the UK.

Meyrick Gough, Technical Planning Director of Water Resources South East (WRSE), has thanked all the researchers for the difference their work has made to the UK’s resilience to drought, saying: “You have given us really good tools that really help us to understand the magnitude and impacts of droughts, that have been adapted by the industry and are being used. We need evidence, understanding and insights from research such as this [to support] the choices and interventions we make.”

You can read more from stakeholders, users and experts and discover the available data and results in the Programme Handbook  and the MaRIUS website.