MISTRAL to advance next generation of infrastructure planning systems

Oxford-led Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) receives £5.3 million funding to develop the next generation of infrastructure planning systems.

The Oxford University-led Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) has been awarded £5.3million by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) to continue its research for a further 5 years. Since 2011, ITRC has developed the world’s first family of national-scale system models for analysis and planning of interdependent infrastructure systems, marking a significant advancement in the UK’s long-term, national infrastructure planning capability. ITRC’s next phase, entitled MISTRAL (Multi-scale InfraSTRucture systems AnaLytics), seeks to build upon the success of the past 5-years, advancing a next generation of systems models and analytical techniques, to support infrastructure decision making across scales ‒ from household to global scale.

Water is one of the five key infrastructure components modelled within the ITRC, alongside energy, transport, waste and ITC. A number of Oxford University’s water researchers will play a key role in the MISTRAL programme:

Mike Simpson

Mike is a Water Resources Modeller with the Environmental Change Institute. He developed a custom model of water resources at the UK level. His work includes mapping water resources zones across the UK through a series of 130 aggregate models, which includes the reservoir network, river abstraction and groundwater extraction pathways.  The model is used to inform decisions around infrastructure development across a whole range of different futures.

Iliana Cardenes

Illiana is a Doctoral Student at the Environmental Change Institute and works alongside Thames Water to look at the relationship between energy and water, and how we can improve energy efficiency in our water-use cycle. Using the Thames Valley as a regional case study, Illiana is examining the energy intensity of water usage at different stages of consumption using a system-wide perspective to explore how water uses energy across the system as a whole.

Xi Hu

Xi is a Doctoral Student at the Environmental Change Institute looking at infrastructure from a systems perspective in China. Her work involves conceptualizing the infrastructure system in terms of water, energy, transport, waste and ITC.

MISTRAL launch

The MISTRAL programme will be launched on May 23 at the Institution of Civil Engineers, along with ITRC’s new book The Future of National Infrastructure which establishes a blueprint for long-term infrastructure assessment. Further detail on the book can be found on the ITRC website, and in this recent article which appeared in Infrastructure Intelligence.

More information on the MISTRAL project and the work of ITRC can be found below:

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