Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Associate – Water Resource Systems Modelling for Drought Risk Assessment

The Environmental Change Institute (ECI) is leading a major research project “MaRIUS: Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of droughts and water Scarcity” within the UK Droughts on Water Scarcity Programme. We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate who will work with us to develop and demonstrate new water resources systems models for drought risk assessment at catchment and national scales.

Vulnerable substations serving millions still at risk from flooding

An article in the Independent online highlights the significant threat UK power supplies face from flooding, with comment from Professor Jim Hall.

David Grey delivers keynote at McMaster University water forum

The global water security challenge was discussed at McMaster University on 8 April at the Philomathia Water Forum: 21st Century Water Security Challenges for Society and Science. The event featured two lively discussion panels with topics spanning science, policy, health, innovation and technology, as well as a keynote address from Oxford’s David Grey.

From flood science to flood policy – highly commended paper award

The paper ‘From flood science to flood policy: the Foresight Future Flooding project seven years on’ published in foresight has been selected by the journal’s Editorial Team as a Highly Commended Paper of 2013.

A journey through the Ebro River Basin from the mountains to the tap

The Ebro Basin tour is the flagship fieldtrip of the MSc Water Science, Policy and Management and brings to life many of the issues studied on the course. From abandoned villages and contentious dams, to ecological crises and pollution disasters, the tour vividly illustrates the contested nature of water and the social, political and scientific debates surrounding its use and management.

UK faces more extreme events and floods with climate change

Professor Jim Hall says the UK will see an increase in temperatures, extreme events and floods as a result of climate change, in an interview with the Telegraph. He also comments in a Guardian article, saying the UK remains vulnerable without adequate adaptation.

Coastal flooding at the Wow! How? Science fair

A team of volunteers from Oxford University wowed nearly 4,500 visitors with their ‘Disaster Zone’ stand at the Wow! How? fair held at the Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford on 15 March.

Vacancy: Research Officer in the Legal Regulation of Water Resources

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, (CSLS) wishes to appoint a Research Officer in the legal regulation of water resources. The person will assist Associate Professor Bettina Lange and Dr Chris Decker in carrying out research into the actual operation of legal regulatory tools that deal with the prevention and management of impacts of droughts.