ITRC five years on: a new MISTRAL journey begins

Over the past 5 years, the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) has developed the world’s first national infrastructure system-of-systems model. On May 23, the ITRC launched its new £5.3m EPSRC-funded MISTRAL programme.

Filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: seeking middle ground on the Nile

The construction of Ethiopia’s first large hydropower dam on the Blue Nile is a source of national pride for many Ethiopians and a source of concern for many Egyptians. This caution largely stems from a lack of understanding of the extent of the risks, and how these can be mitigated. New research, led by a partnership between the University of Oxford and the University of Khartoum, explores practical reservoir filling strategies, to minimize potential negative downstream impacts via transboundary coordination.

How far has devolution come in Kenya?

Oxford DPhil candidate Johanna Koehler explores devolution of water governance in Kenya

Why we urgently need more research on the social impacts of dams 

More dams are built these days than ever before. Their potential negative impacts are broad-ranging and must be thoroughly understood in order to address them. Yet the academic literature supposed to map these impacts remains limited in scope. This article outlines current biases in the scholarly work on the topic as well as the implications of these biases.

Transboundary water cooperation in the Levant

Water cooperation remains a key challenge for Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Jordan. Oxford University researchers are collaborating with key stakeholders to improve water resource management in the region.

The political economy of China’s South-North Water Transfer

Oxford MPhil graduate Huw Pohlner explores the political economy and institutional implications of the South-North Water Transfer megaproject

Oxford-led REACH Programme collaborating with the garment industry to help Bangladesh’s poor

Oxford hosts science-industry event to support the development of a sustainable garment industry in Bangladesh

ITRC brings “system-of-systems” infrastructure modelling to Palestine

United Nations enlists Oxford-led consortium to help improve infrastructure planning in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.