Making water policy work

Ten ideas to improve and reinvigorate UK water policy post-Brexit.

Natural measures can help protect against flooding, but they won’t save communities from the likes of Storm Desmond

Dr Simon Dadson, Associate Professor in Physical Geography at Oxford University’s School of Geography and the Environment, discusses his recent research reviewing the scientific evidence relating to natural flood management in the UK.

Natural measures to prevent floods valuable but not ‘a silver bullet’, say researchers

Oxford Martin restatement finds claims that natural flood management will alleviate the worst floods are not supported by scientific evidence.

Agricultural productivity as a tool for Jordanian water security

Oxford-led DeFEWS project working with regional partners to improve water security in the Jordan River Basin. 

Pay as you drink

Geography DPhil student, Johanna Koelher, talks to the Economist about how Oxford University’s innovative smart handpump research is helping to sustain rural water services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Handpump vibrations could help secure water for millions of people in Africa

Innovative Oxford research demonstrates the potential of ‘smart’ handpumps to achieve low-cost, large-scale groundwater monitoring in rural Africa.

Mars’ watery past

Researchers at Trinity College Dublin and Oxford University identify a site within a Martian crater which likely held water in the not-too-distant past.

Resilient drought and water scarcity management in England and Wales in 2065

The Oxford-led MaRIUS programme publishes findings from scenario building workshop exploring drought management in England and Wales.