Connecting fields to the river

Professor Emeritus John Boardman discusses river pollution in the UK.

Impacts of drought on water intakes for Power Stations

As part of the NERC- Oxford ENDOWS/MARIUS Drought Project, Prof Paul Whitehead and Dr Gianba Bussi have undertaken a water quality modelling study on the River Trent.

Technological solutions to global challenges

OWN member, Prof Richard Compton, and Profs Rickaby and Bouman, embark on collaborative project to improve monitoring of ocean ecosystems.

On the move: What drives Somalia’s migration?

Blog feature on recent book chapter by OWN member, Lisa Thalheimer.

How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact food security and virtual water “trade”?

OWN member, Hussam Hussein, writes about the impact of Covid-19 on food security and virtual water trade.

River Nile dam: Reservoir filling up

OWN member, Dr Kevin Wheeler, comments on Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance dam for the BBC.

Legalising water?

OWN member, Associate Prof Bettina Lange, writes about legalising water for managing water resources in the updated book ‘Environmental Law: Text, Cases and Materials’.

TEDx Oxford talk on Smart Handpumps

OWN member and lead researcher for the Smith School’s Water Programme, Patrick Thomson, gives a TED talk on the development on Smart Handpumps.