Oxford led research on the Nile River enters the global spotlight

The research of Dr Kevin Wheeler has becoming increasingly salient with the forthcoming completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River. As the countries of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt continue to negotiate over the initial filling of the new reservoir and the future operation of the largest hydropower dam in Africa, recent proposals have emerged from the countries that reflect coordinated approaches brought forth through Oxford’s long-standing collaborative research with various stakeholders in the region. Over the last month, the politicization of the issue has provoked the involvement of the USA and the World Bank, with commensurate international media attention referencing the work of Dr Wheeler and his regional collaborators (see more here: 1, 2, 3).

[Figure 1] Presenting the Nile Model software.

After presenting at the second annual Cairo Water Week, Dr Wheeler has continued his joint research with the University of Khartoum by organizing a workshop in Sudan with participants from across the region to discuss coordinated strategies for managing multi-year droughts in the Nile. As the first of a series of three workshops funded by GIZ and supported by the Oxford Martin School’s Programme on Transboundary Resource Management, this event brought together faculty and students from local universities with governmental researchers and dam operators from the three countries to share existing drought research and evaluate analytical tools that can be used to explore future cooperative management mechanisms. 


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