Envisioning emergent environments: negotiating science and resource management in rural communities


This research examines what contemporary watershed management interventions in Belize mean and entail for rural residents. Using theoretical tools from anthropology, science & technology studies, and political ecology, the analysis will shed new light on the conceptual and practical implications of watershed management.

POC – Sophie Haines

Tools for planning and evaluating urban green infrastructure – Bicester and beyond


This project considers green infrastructure in the context of Bicester, a rapidly growing Oxfordshire market town set to double over the next 20 years under a government eco-towns initiative. This process not only puts pressure on existing green infrastructure, but also creates major scope to develop new green infrastructure. Researchers will help develop planning tools to help decision-makers negotiate this process.

POC – Pam Berry

A national scale model of green infrastructure for water resources


This project explores how green infrastructure can be factored into national water resource planning. The project will consider how the benefits of new green infrastructure, such as new wetlands or forests can be evaluated, the robustness of such options in a changing climate, and how green infrastructure compares to conventional infrastructure.

POC – Jim Hall

Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship


The Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship was established with funding from the Oxford Martin School for a three-year programme of research. Although funding of the Programme recently finished, its Directors; Professor Jim Hall, Professor Myles Allen, Professor Kathy Willis and Professor Steve Rayner remain actively involved with the School within other active research programmes.

POC –  Jim Hall