constRaining the EffeCts of Aerosols on Precipitation (RECAP)

(2017 – 2022)

RECAP aims to break the current research deadlock of how to model the effects of aerosols by systematically exploring and delivering the first comprehensive and physically consistent assessment of aerosol effects on precipitation across scales, uniting energetic and process-driven approaches. Expanding on the latest scientific developments, RECAP will investigate 1) the precipitation response to aerosol perturbations ‘top-down’, from idealised scenarios to fully realistic case studies; 2) the comprehensive ‘bottom-up’ analyses of aerosol perturbation propagation at aerosol and cloud microphysics scale to energy dynamics in individual clouds and cloud fields;  and 3) the observational constraints from global satellite observations to detailed in-situ process observations made during aircraft fly-through surveys.

POC – Philip Stier ,