(2021 – 2026)

The EvoFlood project is a 5-year collaborative endeavour across nine universities which aims to make major advances in the science of predicting global flood hazard and risk by representing the dynamic evolution of river channels and their floodplains within global flood models. The team brings combined skills in hydrology, channel-floodplain flow coupling, flood risk, population dynamics, response to disaster events, and modelling morphodynamics – how the interaction of rivers and their bed and banks change over time due to processes such as tides, floods, increased river flow and currents as well as manmade interventions such as flood barriers, flood plains and hard engineering. Project partners include: US Geological Survey, UK CEH, University of Illinois, Royal Geographical Society with IBG, Oasis Loss Modelling Framework Ltd, NOAA, Free (VU) University of Amsterdam, H R Wallingford Ltd.

POC – Louise Slater