Sajag-Nepal–Planning and preparedness for the mountain hazard and risk chain in Nepal: 2020-2023


This interdisciplinary research will work to make a significant difference to the ways in which Nepalese residents, government, and the international community take decisions to manage multi-hazards and systemic risks. This consortium will develop new fundamental data and evidence to underpin decision-making and establish pathways for getting the best possible information to those who need it. It will contextualise the contemporary multi-hazard and systemic risk landscape in Nepal, establish a new approach to national-scale strategic-planning for complex multi-based events, develop interdisciplinary science to better seasonal planning for monsoon-related multi-hazard events, and embedding multi-hazards and systemic risk in disaster preparedness and response. The programme will also support and develop a cohort of young researchers in Nepal who will help to shape disaster risk management in the future.

POC –Simon Dadson