Resilience of Britain’s water supplies in an uncertain future

Video of Prof Jim Hall’s 2017 Dugald Clerk lecture now online.

In February, Professor Jim Hall, Director of the Environmental Change Institute, had the honour of delivering the 2017 Dugald Clerk Lecture. This prestigious event is the Institution of Civil Engineers’ principle water lecture and forms part of the ICE’s current energy, resilience and climate change campaign which explores challenges these issues pose to society, and the role civil engineers play in finding solutions.

The ICE recently made a video of the lecture available to the general public. Those of you who missed the talk the first time around can replay the lecture via the ICE website.

Drawing from his broad experience as Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks at Environmental Change Institute, Professor Hall explores the “Resilience of Britain’s water supplies in an uncertain future” focusing on drought risk.

The talk highlights, some of the key challenges facing UK water resource management, touching upon drought risk in a changing climate and associated economic and environmental impact in the context of demographic change. The talk highlights the interdependencies and trade-offs within UK water resource management, suggesting possible steps towards increased resilience, including innovative decision-making approaches.

For further information about Professor Hall’s research visit the Environmental Change Institute website.

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