Resilient drought and water scarcity management in England and Wales in 2065

MaRIUS programme publishes findings from drought scenario building workshop.

The Oxford-led MaRIUS (Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of drought and water Scarcity) programme is working to improve decision-making around drought and water scarcity in England and Wales using a risk-based approach. One element of the research is to explore and review options for drought management practice in England & Wales beyond the existing regulatory framework and to discuss qualitatively the potential effectiveness of and constraints upon these options with stakeholders.

In September 2016, MaRIUS reseacher, Dr Kevin Grecksh from Oxford University’s Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, hosted an explorative scenario building workshop to inform this research. A report from the workshop is now available online.

The workshop brought together more than a dozen researchers and stakeholders, including DEFRA, the Environment Agency, Ofwat and various water companies. Participants discussed influencing factors and drivers of resilient drought and water scarcity management in England and Wales in 2065. These included various aspects, such as society’s expectations on water supply, water regulation policy, economic development, climate change, extreme weather events and many more. The workshop resulted in the development of four scenarios: (1) “rising to the challenge”, (2) “enjoying their luck, (3) “passive acceptance” or (4) “accepting decline”.

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