Simon Dadson wins grant to study the impacts of urbanisation on water security in the Thames

Dr. Simon Dadson from the School of Geography and the Environment has been awarded a £160k NERC grant for a project which aims to advance understanding of the fine-scale impacts of urbanisation on water resources and pollution in the Thames river basin.

Over the past 50 years changes in UK land use have been considerable and this trend is likely to continue. The UK population is projected to increase by 16% to 2035 which will bring about change to the size and structure of urban areas and increased pressure on land management. These changes have significant implications for water resources.

The three-year project ‘Changes in urbanisation and its effects on water quantity and quality from local to regional scale’ will focus on water security in the Thames river basin, a region facing serious water stress.

A novel integrated modelling approach will be developed and tested for detailed local case studies, and then scaled up for testing across the entire basin. Future impacts on water resources will be quantified, taking into account projections of urban development, land management, and climate change.

The project is a collaboration between Oxford University, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and the University of Surrey.

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