Ethiopia’s future — from hydropower to coffee — is tied to water

Posted on 27th August 2019

Dr Ellen Dyer and Meron Teferi Taye of the University of Oxford discuss how Ethiopia’s future challenges with climate change and agriculture relate to its water issues in this article.

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New insights into the future of water availability in Southern Africa

Posted on 21st June 2019

New research suggests that extreme future drying over southern Africa is an unlikely scenario, but that regional governments should still prepare for a water-stressed future. By Callum Munday In the summer of 2015, southern Africa experienced one of its worst droughts on records. Water supply for major cities, including Cape Town (South Africa) and Gabarone […]

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Crowdfunding Opportunity for Smart Handpumps

Posted on 23rd May 2019

Crowdfunding has come to Oxford University. OxReach provides a crowdfunding platform to help researchers raise funds for specific ventures selected by the University’s OxReach team. One of those selected ventures is the Smart Handpumps project. These handpumps collect and send data to FundiFix, a local maintenance company, to enable faster repairs, giving rural communities more […]

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