Building capacity for climate resilient WASH

Posted on 21st June 2019

Dr Katrina Charles writes about the need to integrate climate within water and sanitation decisions, tools and practices, in order to build long term resilience in the face of climate change.

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Managing the risk of surface water flooding

Posted on 3rd February 2016

Research by the University of Oxford, in conjunction with the London School of Economics, is playing a key role in combating one of Britain’s most persistent natural hazards.

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Water Security: less talk, more action

Posted on 22nd December 2015

Over 200 people from 20 countries met to debate using a risk-based framework to respond to the global and local challenges at the Water Security 2015 conference held at Oxford University on 9-11 December.

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Unavoidable increase in flood risk with 4°C climate change

Posted on 6th November 2015

A new report finds that significant additional investment and adaptation action will be needed in the UK to counter flood risk projected under a 2°C rise in global mean temperatures. But if temperatures climb by 4°C, a large increase in flood risk will be unavoidable.

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