Climate extremes: moving from physics to solutions

Posted on 2nd April 2015

Professor Paul Whitehead joined over 35 scientists in the Swiss mountains to discuss how to assess and adapt to extreme climate events. He presented recently published research on modelling the impact of future climate and socio-economic change on the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna river systems in India and Bangladesh.

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Managing phosphorus water pollution in an uncertain future

Posted on 30th July 2013

An Oxford-led study suggests that multiple strategies may be needed to manage phosphorus in rivers. Sources of phosphorus pollution vary depending on future changes in rainfall and runoff under different scenarios of climate, land use and water resource management.

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Experts discuss changing extremes in hydrology in the UK

Posted on 16th April 2013

The conference ‘Changing extremes in hydrology’ was held at Exeter College in Oxford on 15 April 2013, and examined the characteristics and impacts of the extreme hydrological conditions experienced in the UK during 2012.

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