ONE Super-Year for Nature

Monday, 12 October 2020

16:30-18:00 BST

Want to learn more about the Oxford Water Network and the other networks that make up the Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE)? ONE facilitates connections between all Oxford researchers working on environmental research in biodiversity, climate, energy, food and water. The networks exchange knowledge and expertise, enabling Oxford University to be ‘greater than the sum of its parts’, capable of tackling the most complex environmental challenges. As we prepare for the COP26, and in what is set to be a ‘super-year’ for nature, climate, humans and planet earth, understanding how we make use of our natural resources sustainably is of critical importance.

This event is open to University of Oxford Doctoral Training Students (DTPs), undergraduate students, post-graduate students, researchers and staff to a Super Year for Nature discussion, to raise awareness of the issues, and understand how Oxford is responding. This event is for you if you are interested in broadening your knowledge on the complex and converging challenges of biodiversity, climate, energy, food and water.

Event Details

Presentations from

  • Jim Hall – Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks at the School of Geography and the Environment and Convener of the ONE network
  • Harriet Waters – Head of Environmental Sustainability, Estates Department, University of Oxford
  • Nathan Lawson – President, Oxford Climate Society, (Geography BA), Jesus College
  • Siobhan Dhir – Vice President, Oxford Climate Society, (Materials DPhil), St Catherine’s College
  • ONE Network Coordinators for Water, Food, Biodiversity, Climate and Energy

And closing with Open Mic/Q&A time.