Safe enough? Proportionate climate change adaptation in London’s water supply system

Posted on 13th August 2014

London faces increased risk of water shortages in the future due to climate change and population growth if no actions are taken to increase supply or reduce demand, according to a new study led by Edoardo Borgomeo and Jim Hall at the Environmental Change Institute. The research presents a new methodology for water managers to incorporate climate change uncertainties into water resources planning.

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Michael Rouse speaks at international seminar on the future of urban water regulation in Spain

Posted on 14th May 2014

Michael Rouse shared his expertise on water regulation at a seminar organised by the University of Valencia on behalf of the Spanish Government. He was joined by experts from a number of countries, as well as Spanish government and utility stakeholders.

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Making clean drinking water universally available is achievable

Posted on 1st October 2013

Making clean drinking water globally accessible is one of the biggest challenges of this century. Yet, a new study by Oxford University contends that this goal is achievable if the key elements of good governance and management are adopted.

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Dr. Rob Hope leads session at the Skoll World Forum

Posted on 11th April 2013

Dr Rob Hope, School of Geography and the Environment, is leading a session on Mobile-Enabled Entrepreneurship for Water Security at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford on 12 April.

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