UK faces more extreme events and floods with climate change

Professor Jim Hall says the UK will see an increase in temperatures, extreme events and floods as a result of climate change.

Jim Hall, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks and Director of the Environmental Change Institute, speaks to the Telegraph about the impacts of climate change in the UK in light of the newly released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.

“What we’ve seen this winter is consistent with what we would expect to see in a changing climate,” he said. He warned that that the UK needs to think about the long term when making decisions today if we are going to be able to cope with a changed climate.

In an article in the Guardian online, Professor Hall said that adaptation is difficult, even in a developed country such as the UK. He noted that building still takes place on flood plains, efforts to reduce water use in anticipation of droughts are not working and that infrastructure remains vulnerable.

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