Water Quality Modelling and Management Training Course in Addis Ababa, February 2020

Over 2 days (Feb 4-5th 2020) Prof Paul Whitehead gave a training course on Water Quality Modelling at the Water and Land Resource Centre at Addis Ababa University. 13 people attended from a range of catchment authorities in Ethiopia representing the Awash River, the Blue Nile and the Rift Valley River systems. In addition, stakeholders from the Federal EPA for Ethiopia attended. Following introductory lectures on water quality modelling, Paul distributed copies of the INCA training model for flow, nitrate and ammonia and extensive training/practical sessions were undertaken. The new versions of INCA set up for the Awash River system were provided and a set of scenarios for point source and agricultural runoff were evaluated. In addition, new model setups for the INCA Metals model version were established to model metals in the Awash, Akiki and Rift Valley catchments. Sets of scenarios were evaluated to evaluate potential clean up scenarios with most concern over the highly toxic Chromium6, lead, zinc and cadmium coming from Tannery effluents.  Paul also gave a presentation on Biosensors for cell and genetic toxicity in contaminated rivers, lakes and soils. This was also of interest to Ethiopian colleagues because of the need to rapidly determine water toxicity in a rural environment. The Biosensors provide this possibility—see recently published paper below.

This training workshop was funded by the DFID REACH programme as part of the Oxford Reach Programme — see www.reachwater.org.uk

See recent papers

Rampley C.P.N., Whitehead P.G., Softley L., Hossain M.A., Jin L., David J., Shawal S., Das P., Thompson I.P., Huang W.E., Peters R., Holdship P., Hope R., Alabaster G. River toxicity assessment using molecular biosensors: Heavy metal contamination in the Turag-Balu-Buriganga river systems, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Science of the Total Environment, Volume 703, 2020

Whitehead, P.G., Bussi, G., Peters, R., Hossain, M.A., Softley, L., Shawal, S., Jin, L.,Rampley, C.P.N., Holdship, P., Hope, R., Alabaster, G., 2019. Modelling heavy metals in the Buriganga River System, Dhaka, Bangladesh: impacts of tannery pollution control,  Science of The Total Environment 697:134090 , DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.134090

Whitehead, P.G., Bussi, G., Hossain, M.A., Dolk, M., Das, P., Comber, S., Peters, R.,Charles, K.J., Hope, R., Hossain, S., 2018. Restoring water quality in the polluted Turag-Tongi-Balu river system, Dhaka: Modelling nutrient and total coliform intervention strategies. Science of the Total Environ. 631–632. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.03.038.

Restoring water quality in the polluted Turag-Tongi-Balu river system, Dhaka: Modelling nutrient and total coliform intervention strategies, 2018 Science of The Total Environment, Volume 631-632, Pages 223-232, by Paul Whitehead, Gianbattista Bussi, Mohammed Abed Hossain, Michaela Dolk, Partho Das, Sean Comber, Rebecca Peters, Katrina J. Charles, Rob Hope, Md Sarwar Hossain https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0048969718307939?via%3Dihub


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