Water, sanitation & hygiene in the Gaza strip: the challenges of living and working in the Gaza strip

Talk by Dr Mahmoud Shatat, Water and Sanitation Program Manager at Oxfam

1 August 2017, 7.30pm
Oxford Town Hall

The ongoing deterioration of the water supply of the Gaza Strip poses a difficult challenge on water planners and sustainable management of the coastal aquifer in occupied Gaza. The aquifer is currently overexploited, with total pumping exceeding total recharge.

In addition, pollution from human sources threatens all of the water supplies in major urban centres in Gaza. Many water quality parameters presently exceed (WHO) drinking water standards. The major documented water quality problems are elevated chloride (salinity) and nitrate concentrations in the aquifer.

Up to 95 per cent of Gaza’s population source their drinking water from 154 public or private producers, whose production and supply chain result in the potential contamination of up to 68% of drinking water supplies, exposing nearly 60% of the population to severe public health risks.

Dr Mahmoud Shatat, a water engineer based in the Gaza Strip, will share his experience of this dire situation at a public event at Oxford Town Hall on August 1st.

More information about Mahmoud’s visit can be found on a Crowd Funding website set up to cover his travel costs.