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Water, Civilisation and Power in Sudan

Posted on 18th May 2015

This event will launch Dr Harry Verhoeven’s book ‘Water, Civilisation and Power in Sudan. The Political Economy of Military-Islamist State Building’. Verhoeven tells the story of one of Africa’s most ambitious state-building projects in the modern era – and how its gamble to instrumentalise water and agriculture to consolidate power is linked to twenty-first-century globalisation, Islamist ideology, and intensifying geopolitics of the Nile.

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Benefits of Integrated Planning and Modelling

Posted on 14th May 2015

Our infrastructure transverses scales. From a United Kingdom that is reliant on the world to towns and cities reliant on boroughs and counties. Infrastructure operating at these scales can be mutually dependent and reliant on external factors. This seminar will present examples of where strategic and detailed evidence bases are being prepared to develop integrated plans.

Ed Byers (University of Oxford) will introduce modelling the water footprint of the UK electricity system, from the catchment to the national scale, describing how this fits into the national infrastructure ‘system of systems’ model of the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium.

Adam Cambridge (Atkins) will discuss techniques that are being used to develop integrated asset management plans and sustainable urban water solutions.

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Water Conservation Strategies

Posted on 13th May 2015

This webinar, featuring Professor Robert Hahn from the Smith School of Environment and Enterprise, will offer an overview of behavioral economics; provide a primer on how water management professionals can benefit from doing randomised controlled trials, and summarise some actual experiments. We will then have a conversation about ways academics might partner with you to test, design and deliver innovative and effective water programmes for the public.

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In Memoriam: Professor W. Mike Edmunds

Posted on 29th April 2015

“It’s all about the rocks!” So, Mike would gently direct students and reticent researchers to the unerring importance of groundwater for society’s sustainable development in the past, present and future.

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