Water is a transdisciplinary, cross-cutting issue at the heart of everything from urban planning to nature-based solutions to climate change. Each year shocks such as floods and droughts have devastating impacts on people and economies worldwide. Ensuring access to an acceptable quantity and quality of water and protection from water-related shocks is a defining challenge for society in the 21st century.

The Oxford Water Network (OWN) is uniquely placed to foster and advance world class research to address these challenges and devise solutions. It also supports an MSc programme training the next generation of leaders.

The Oxford Water Network is a multi-disciplinary research community, harnessing the University of Oxford’s diverse research to address the challenge of managing water (both salt and freshwater) in a complex and uncertain world. Oxford researchers work to address key challenges of water security, use knowledge to inform policy and planning, and develop instruments to improve practice in partnerships with government, research and business communities.

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