Dr Nick Middleton

Supernumerary Fellow in Physical Geography at St Anne's College

School of Geography and the Environment

Nick’s main research interest is in the nature and human use of deserts and their margins, environments commonly referred to collectively as drylands. He wrote the book for popular audiences, Rivers: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2012.

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Dr Alex Money

Research Fellow

Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment

Alex Money researches corporate water risk, with an interest in how companies disclose the risks and opportunities they face with regard to their water use, and whether this disclosure meets the expectations of investors in these companies.

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Shauna Monkman

DPhil Researcher

School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography

Shauna Monkman applies theories on storytelling and narrative systems to resource management and water scarcity, asking the question “how do people cope with water scarcity via the lens of story?”


Dr Mohammad Mortazavi-Naeini

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Environmental Change Institute

Mohammad is post-doctoral researcher with expertise in water resources modelling. His main research interest is in addressing deep uncertainty in water resources planning. He is currently part of the MaRIUS project, working with Professor Jim Hall to develop catchment- and national-scale models, and to assess water systems vulnerability under drought conditions given future uncertainty associated with climate change and other factors.

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Anna Murgatroyd

DPhil - MaRIUS

Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment

Anna’s research focuses on multi-objective optimisation of the Thames Water system, developing adaptive water resources planning methods to manage future risks to London’s water supply under climate change. Her research is part of the MaRIUS project.
Supervisor: Prof Jim Hall.

Anna is also the Water Network Coordinator. Her role involves coordinating the network’s research and administrative activities. She is responsible for internal and external communications, events organisation, supporting research proposals, and engagement with partner organisations.

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