Professor Steve Rayner

James Martin Professor of Science and Civilisation; co-directs the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities and the Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Institute for Science Innovation and Society

Steve Rayner is a political anthropologist committed to changing the world through social science. He has extensive experience including serving on various US, UK, and international bodies addressing science, technology and the environment. He co-directs the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities and the Oxford Geoengineering Programme, both supported by the Oxford Martin School.

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Dr Laura Rival

Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Development

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Laura Rival has extensively worked in Latin America and particularly with indigenous people, investigating their conceptions of the environment. Adopting an anthropological approach, her research develops a new theoretical conceptualisation of nature and society, where water plays an important part.

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Michael J Rouse CBE

Distinguished Research Associate

School of Geography and the Environment

Michael Rouse has extensive knowledge and experience of water governance and regulation, including all aspects of audit and enforcement, and the governance issues related to both public sector management and privatisation. Research interests include institutional structures, regulation, finance, subsidies, water charges, cost recovery, public participation, and drinking water safety and regulation, with an overarching focus sustainable water services delivery.


Paul Sayers

Senior Visiting Fellow

Environmental Change Institute

Paul Sayers (CEng MICE) has over 20 years of national and international experience of managing the water environment and related risks. His research interests include strategic management of natural hazards, infrastructure systems and societal impacts, in particular relating to flooding, coastal erosion and water scarcity.

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Ranu Sinha

DPhil Researcher

School of Geography and the Environment, Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment

Ranu’s doctoral thesis investigates whether investments in irrigation infrastructure enhance water security and welfare benefits at a sub-national scale by drawing on data from a decadal, World Bank funded, irrigation investment program in Madhya Pradesh, India.
Supervisors: Dr Rob Hope & Dr Simon Dadson.

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